About Us

Wirecut Nordic

Cutting edge wire cutting technology


Wirecut Nordic is a subsidiary of Betong-Saging AS, created to place a greater focus on wire sawing.

Over time we have gained extensive knowledge and experience in both wire sawing and demolition. Our competant workforce has vast experience in these fields.

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Wire-Cutting Advantages

What makes wire sawing the superior option

  • 1.Noise pollution reducing and vibration-freeOur projects can be performed day or night as wire sawing produces very little noise polution. Work can be carried out close proximity to populated areas without disturbing the surrounding environment or those within it.
  • 2.Environmentally friendlyContracts carried out with wire sawing are inherently environmentally friendly as our machinery only requires electricity to function. The equipment can be operated via a gas powered generator, however we prefer to avoid this option in order to maintain a reduced level of noise pollution.
  • 3.SafeAs demolition is not required, wire sawing provides a safe and non-intrusive method in which to work close to high value buildings.
  • 4.AccessWire sawing has unique flexibility to reach difficult positions.
  • 5.PreciseThe wire sawing process can be performed with unique precision.
  • 6.Non-intrusiveWhile most removal methods could damage nature and the immediate area, wire sawing's unique process is gentle to its surroundings and avoids these potential complications.