About Us Continued

Wirecut Nordic is a subsidiary of Betong-Saging AS, and was created to place a greater focus on wire sawing. Over time we have gained extensive knowledge and experience in both wire sawing and demolition. Our competant workforce has vast experience in these fields.

The company is actively working to develop and adapt our processes and technology to meet customer needs and requirements. In collaboration with other corporations we continually work to resolve challenges as efficiently and safely as possible. We work actively to provide solutions within the fields of offshore, nuclear, heavy industry and construction. We work closely with major contractors in several fields in order to provide our clients with complete solutions; along with are working steadily to develop our own equipment in collaboration with our equipment suppliers.

Wirecut Nordic works closely with the factory that builds most of our equipment. This means that our customers will always have access to the latest technology and the sharpest wire for each project. Our developmental focus is on the creation of wires in various dimensions. This will both allow us to adapt to a wide array of practical applications while at the same time expanding our market. We believe that wire sawing is only in the beginning stage of its potential.