Wire Cutting by Experts

Wirecut Nordic are experts in the field of wire cutting. We undertake special projects in cutting rough material. Concrete cutting, mountain cutting and stone cutting - we can cut anything.


A showreel of some of our projects:

Our services

Wire cutting technology

  • Offshore Solutions
    Underwater concrete sawing and drilling, topside modifications, rig removal - we offer everything within offshore work. This is a market…
  • Radioactive Materials
    Our solutions for radioactive materials include precision cutting, drilling and shaving of contaminated concrete and metals. The nuclear industry is…
  • Heavy metal
    We offer precision cutting and drilling of metals. Our solutions for the precision cutting of metals are primarily used in…
  • Heavy industrial
    Metal and concrete sawing technology makes us capable of safely delivering projects in accordance to agreed upon schedules. Wire sawing…
  • Heavy Civil
    Using diamond wire saws and robotic hammers for structural demolition and modification projects. Wirecut Nordic is a solid partner in…
  • Drilling
    Wireline core drilling and DTH drilling for all purposes. We have the newest technology and a wide spectrum of applications.…



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Company facts

Upon our founding in 2007 the brothers Roy and Wiggo were the sole employees. They have been working together since they started as concrete cutters in 1980!

Starting up, concrete cutting and core drilling were the main focus of our services; but over time we've specialized in wire cutting. Today we're Norway's largest wire cutting specialist!

Wire cutting is friendly to the environment and creates very little noise pollution during the process of removing concrete, steel and stone. Cutouts can easily be trimmed for ease of transport!