Heavy Civil

Using diamond wire saws and robotic hammers for structural demolition and modification projects.

Wirecut Nordic is a solid partner in the demolition / dismantling of large structures such as dams, bridges, etc. With our expertise and skilled workforce, we're capable of carrying out the demolition and dismantling of any large structure. Tackling everything from concrete to steel, we have no restrictions on the type of materials we can demolish.

Different materials require various approaches when being demolished. Our competant workforce has extensive experience, giving us the abililty to uniquely assist throughout the demoltion and rehabilitation process of any major structure.

Wirecut Nordic has been involved in several major bridge projects ranging from lifting entire sections of the bridge, to splitting it into smaller transportable pieces. Outside Norway's National Airport we assisted in a project to extend the Gardemoen Bridge by removing large sections of the old bridge in order to connect it to the new one.




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