Ekeberg Oil

A bit of information about the plant at Sjursøya
Oslo has been a massive oil port for generations.
It stores 40% of Norway's fuel, which is unloaded from large tankers and placed into fuel storage.

Every day two 300 meter long trains arrive to transport jet fuel to Oslo Gardemoen Airport, supplying fuel to all departing flights.

The oil port is operated in cooperation between 4 oil companies: Statoil ASA, ST1 Norway AS, Uno-X Energi AS og Esso Norway.

Cistern Drift DA (Formerly known as Ekeberg Oil Storage DA) is the operator of the facility and provides for the daily operations.

Project Sjursøya, Ekeberg Oil
The project is a collaboration between three subcontractors, where Wirecut Nordic has been responsible for the removal of the old fuel system.

This process involved wire sawing steel pipes of sizes ø100 up to ø600 across several kilometers.

We have also participated in portions of the rennovation, in the form of setting up foundational support for a new system of pipes, pipelines and valves.

Core drilling has also been a large part of the process in order to make room for new pipe supports, along with creating general access for subsequent service at the facility.

This has been a relatively long term project for us, taking place over a period of approximately 1 year.

We accumulated several tasks through the course of the project, due to our competitive prices which reflect our efficiency, competance and wide range of proficiency.

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