Wireline core drilling and DTH drilling for all purposes. We have the newest technology and a wide spectrum of applications.

Our machine has the capability to bore through up to 900 meters of material.

Deep Core Drilling (Wireline System)

A very efficient coring technique, called wireline coring, makes it possible for the core sample to be retrieved from the bottom of the hole without removing the entire rod string. To retrieve the core sample, an overshot is lowered inside the drill rods on a wireline cable until it latches onto the spearhead point of the core barrel head assembly. Latches securely attach, and the core barrel inner tube containing the core sample is retracted to the surface using the wireline cable and winch.

Using this method we can both core drill and perform full profile drilling using the same drill holes. This is done by sending various drilling tools down the drill string, into the hole. We can also blend mustard seed oil into the soil as an organic binding agent. Wirecut Nordic uses this drilling technique for general boring, geological surveys and boring holes for the wire sawing process amongst others.

We have a max depth of 900 meters on our Diamec U4. The machine is heavyweight for its field, however it remails small and agile. If you have further questions, please contact us.

DTH Drilling

When you need to drill high quality holes with diameters between 100-254 mm, DTH (Down The Hole) drilling is by far the best and most effective method. DTH drilling can be performed in most types of rock, hard or soft. It's a commonly used method in the mining industry (blast hole drilling), along with waterwell drilling, construction, and in the oil and gas industry.

In DTH drilling, the drill string rotates while the drilling hammer continuously strikes down into the rock. Inside the hammer, a piston powered by compressed air gives the drill bit its striking power. This combined with the rotational movement means the rock is crushed in a very efficient manner.

Because the power transfer takes place down in the hole when the piston strikes directly at the bit - hence the drilling method's name - there is minimal energy loss along the drill string; allowing for holes to be drilled down to 6,000 meters in depth. DTH is an extremely reliable and stable drilling method that outputs exceptionally straight holes.

The method is also excellent for both natural and social environments as it produces far less noise and vibration than many other drilling methods, making it a widely used drilling method within cities and other populated areas.

Geological Drilling

Geological drilling is a process in which a solid core is extracted from depth for examination on the surface. The key technology of the diamond drill is the diamond bit itself. It is composed of industrial diamonds set into a soft metallic matrix. Diamonds are scattered throughout the matrix in such a manner that as the bit is worn down more diamonds are exposed. The bit is mounted onto a drill stem which is connected to a rotary drill. Water is injected into the drill pipe in order to wash away the rock cuttings produced by the bit, while at the same time reducing the heat produced due to friction. This water injection also serves to reduce the amount of wear and tear the bits endure.

Under-Surface Drilling

Wtih our diamec U4 we're able to drill holes in small spaces within areas such as tunnels and mines. The machine is small, but capable of large jobs. We also perform DTH and other drilling operations under the surface.

Diamec Underground Core-Drilling Rigs

A Flexible Rig
The Diamec range consists of five available models with different capabilities to suit a wide range of applications.
Versatile and compact
Diamec rigs have an advanced, versatile and compact design that makes them ideal for underground core-drilling and drilling grout holes. The modularized system of rig, power unit, flushing pumps and control panel also makes the rig popular in surface operations.
Safe and User-Friendly
Diamec rigs are designed with features to ensure a safe work environment and to be user friendly. With the APC panel (Automated Performance Control) the rig can be operated by a single operator.

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